The increasing global integration and rise of the global market have created a tremendous need for strengthening and comprehending teaching programs focused on enterprises and entrepreneurship. Indeed, the EU is determined to foster entrepreneurial mindsets, especially among young people. Therefore there is a strong need to create positive entrepreneurial climate and appropriate framework which stimulates education in entrepreneurship.
In Israel and Croatia alike, SMEs are the most important part of the economy in which both states have invested enormous efforts to create favourable conditions for an easy and smooth development of entrepreneurship. Although there are some very successful Croatian and Israeli companies in local and international markets, the failure rates, and high losses in such activities are high among small and medium, private as well as public businesses. Additionally, entrepreneurs in both countries report that their managerial and organizational capabilities do not meet the specific business challenges; thus, they lack the basic competencies to effectively run their businesses.
Specifically, this project enables an interdisciplinary research forum and window of opportunity for scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, managers, consultants and practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship. It is important to find innovative ways of involving the academic community and introducing entrepreneurship into the universities as quickly as possible, by supporting research at universities in order to create interest in the community and start an national inititive in the academic community towards the development of entrepreneurial knowledge.