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1st YEAR PROJECT CLOSURE & 2nd YEAR PROJECT LAUNCH COORDINATION MEETING – Zagreb, Croatia (Activity 0.4, 3.1. & 3.2)

The activity 0.3 was designed to accommodate the needs of the closure of the first year and open the activities for the second year of the FoSentHE project. All consortium partners’ coordinators gave a brief description of the activity they organized in the previous year.  Partners discusses the forthcoming activities in more detail: such as a new market survey, a conference in Lithuania, a launching of the online course in Moodle, preparation of 3 books for the coming year and set the deadlines, teams and workplan for the second project year. During the stay in Zagreb, partners also finished the activity 0.4 (First year project report), 3.1 (Compilation of peer review board) and 3.2 (Participation and satisfaction survey where they assessed various aspects of the project like coordination, administration, dissemination; designed to maintain quality assurance and satisfaction of all partners in the project).  On Friday, 15th January 2010, Croatian NTO conducted the Field monitoring with consortium partners. Consortium members joined a cultural evening in Croatian National Theater and a short dinner in Mano.