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CONFERENCE AND SITE VISIT - Israel (Activity 3.3. and 4.2.)

The conference “Entrepreneurship without Borders” activity 3.3. and 4.2. - Israel, site visit to entrepreneurship centres - Israel and tour to Jerusalem and Dead Sea, lasted from 15th till 23rd November 2009.  The College of Management, Rishon LeZion is the first non-subsidized, non-profit academic institution in Israel to be recognized and certified by the Council for Higher Education. The largest college in Israel, with over 12,000 students and 28,000 alumni, offers Bachelor and Master degrees  in Business Administration, Law, Media, Economics, Organizational Development and Consulting, Computer Science, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Behavioral Sciences, Family Studies and Interior Design. In national examinations, COMAS’ students rank in the top percentiles in their scores and professional success. At the beginning of the conference a welcoming speech was held by the representative Tempus Office, Ministry of Education and Dean of the College of Management. In addition to the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, other participants were partners from the Institute for Systems Science, University of Graz; Faculty of Medicine, University of Osijek; Faculty of Economics, University of Split; Department for Economics and Tourism, Juraj Dobrila University in Pula; EFMD; University of Economics, Poznan; Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor and partners from Israel. The conference was part of the activity. There the research papers were presented and discussion of the papers took place. In 2 days 27 presentations were held in two parallel sessions.  Site visits were made to entrepreneurial ventures like Tishbi winery start up, the Tefen Industrial Park and Acre, where the Ayalim Association worked, the young Israeli students who support community service and entrepreneurship by founding student villages. The last visit was to the Hebrew University, which is at the 12th place on a ranking scale for patents according to Milken Institute Biotech Patent Rankings. It’s interesting to point out that it has a better ranking place than Harvard University. There are 23.500 students enrolled at the University. Croatian participants visited the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Tel Aviv and attended the concert of the String Quartet RUCNER from Zagreb. In Jerusalem visited different religious heritage: Golgotha – the Hill of Calvary, Way of the Cross, Jesus’ tomb, garden of Gethsemane, weeping wall and various churches. Also a visit to Masada and Holocaust museum in Akko was organized.
Ivana Kovač,
Dec 9, 2009, 2:01 AM