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WORKSHOP AND MEETING – Split – Bol, Croatia (Activity 2.2. and 0.2.)

From 18th to 20th May 2009 Faculty of Economics Split held a workshop on creation of materials for e-learning courses. Marc Alvarado was employed as expert for elearning where he provided a conceptual framework for distance learning. Professor Andriana Granić, PhD, who has long-term experience in the field of CIUI (Computer Interaction and User Interfaces), had a lecture and presented positive and negative examples of a computer interface design. Moodle workshop was organized to support this activity. The workshop was led by professor Ante Denić where he gave a detailed presentation and instruction of employment of the named program package for elearning. Professor Marina Dabić, PhD, introduced TEMPUS FoSentHE on the conference "Challenges Of Europe:Financial Crisis And Climate Change, which took place in Bol, Brač, Croatia.