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WORKSHOP AND SITE VISIT – Nice, France (Activity 2.3. and 4.2.)

The workshop in France took place from 18th till 22nd September 2009 on the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis. French expert for elearning introduced a platform JALON (Join And Learn On Network) used for elearning that is applied by thousands professors and almost 12,000 students. The meeting conducted different programs and attachments which use or can be used in Moodle. There were also several site visits to differing faculties encompassed in the University of Nice, student organization for entrepreneurship, technical institute and various organizations which incite student, university and private sector collaboration. At the same time, PACA Est incubator (Sophia Antipolis) which is the biggest European technology park. Sophia Antipolis is multicultural, multidisciplinary community directed to innovation, which serves as a model of cluster competitiveness in France. 
Ivana Kovač,
Dec 9, 2009, 2:06 AM