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„A pile of rocks ceases to be rocks when somebody contemplates them with the idea of cathedral in mind!“ (Saint Exupery)
The underlying idea of the project is to incite students’ entrepreneurial activity: the best way to improve business theory (education) and practice at the same time is to ensure their continuous interaction and mutual upgrading. To this end, the project develops the 5e5 outcome model.
The mission of the FoSentHE project is to “create the E cathedral” through the 5e5 outcome model:
Entrepreneurial mindset: Developing entrepreneurial education as an academic discipline is our vision. The project is dedicated to promote entrepreneurship in the programmes of different studies (e.g. engineering, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, business etc.).
E - learning: FoSentHE comprises an innovative Virtual Campus of Higher Academic Institutes beyond the gates of academia, inviting relevant “societal actors” in a public dialogue on how to deal with the particularly complex interdisciplinary and intercultural issues of enhancing entrepreneurship in higher education.
Excellence: relates to both education and business world through the lessons learnt in the EU Consortium members, introduction of modern technology and cutting edge teaching methods and interaction. Excellence requires permanent education and improvement of skills and competencies. Excellence in education and business world is further fostered through the interactions with the social factors in development process on one hand, and with the international community, on the other hand. These interactions will be enabled by establishment of the pilot E/E Centres at the Faculties of Economics and Business in Zagreb and Split, Croatia. Excellent and motivated students are our target group and the association E-student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb is one of the key partners.
E/E Centres: These are centres for education/entrepreneurship with a twofold role: they provide various forms of education and training in the field of entrepreneurship and foster entrepreneurship and economy as a whole.
Centres, here established as pilot projects, are envisaged to act as real economic promotion centres in future – actually connecting the state, academia and business, providing exchange of information. This is a way in which a student who wants to be an entrepreneur can be educated and receive all the information regarding the entrepreneurship.
European Network: FoSentHE will insist on the quality assurance, standardization and dissemination of education of entrepreneurship through internationalization of curriculum, and also on creation of models and processes that are flexible and applicable throughout the Consortium. European Network a network unit of entrepreneurship expertise within the target institutions responsible for the dissemination of best outputs (dissemination material, newsletters, books, guidelines etc.). Network serves also as a mean to involve local/regional authorities and relevant institutions into the process; enables the transfer of best practices to the partner countries.

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