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eSTUDENT, Croatia

eSTUDENT, Ekonomski fakultet Zagreb

The student organization eSTUDENT was founded with a goal to connect the best students at The University of Zagreb, FEB Zagreb, with the very best companies in Croatia. It was founded by a group of students and teaching assistants thinking they could provide students with additional knowledge and skills which would be of great use to them in their future careers. Its goal, with the help of business managers, as well as the Faculty, is to give the key students, the future growth and value creators, extracurricular education with the purpose of creating complete and competitive workforce. eSTUDENT offers to students who deserve and want more from their education, an opportunity to gain higher level training, a powerful competitive advantage and a stronger negotiation position on the labour market. The organization started work in March 2004. The project coordinator at eSTUDENT is Matija Troskot.