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ISIS, Austria

University of Graz, Institute of Systems Sciences, innovation and Sustainability Research, Graz
University of Graz organizes entrepreneurship activities at various levels, from education to spin-offs centres such as the Science Park together with various business plan competitions. It is a founder in offering entrepreneurship education with strong involvement of enterprises and relevant public institutions at the University of Graz. With the Regional Center of Expertise and as acknowledged part of the United Nations University, the University and the Center have access to a worldwide network of 45 RCEs and on a regional level access to public and private organizations aiming at education for entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and sustainable development to local and regional communities. The network of currently 45 RCEs worldwide constitutes a Global Learning Space for Sustainable Development. RCEs aspire to achieve the goals of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD, 2005-2014), by translating its global objectives into the context of the local communities in which they operate. They have expertise in e-learning /virtual projects. The academy is already experienced by providing appropriate technical and pedagogical support for the EU project “Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe” (VCSE). Examples of expertise include: podcasting, moodle, media didactics, e- portfolios, and content management. Gerald Steiner, PhD, shall be a FoSentHe project coordinator for University of Graz.