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Medora, Croatia

Medora, Zagreb

Medora d.o.o. is a consulting privately owned company founded in Zagreb in 2006, by Medora Global Consultants, LLC with headquarters in McLean, Virginia, USA. Medora d.o.o. experts are renowned scientists and entrepreneurs who provide services to the scientific and business community in Croatia and other European countries. They connect clients with the proper investors and quality strategic partners, ultimately helping them in the commercialization of their intellectual property and are focused on improving cooperation between Croatian scientific and business communities with international partners, aimed at improving science in Croatia and increasing foreign direct investments in new technologies. During FosentHE project Medora’s team will participate in organization of workshops and will lecture in subjects of technology transfer, innovations and patenting of the intellectual property for the Croatian and regional scientific community. Furthermore, Medora experts will provide link and connection for the Croatian scientific community with the investors who will help those scientists with entrepreneurship knowledge gained through this project in their activities fostering establishment of small start up companies.