Project dynamics

The FoSentHE will last for 3 years: 15th January 2009 – 15th January 2012.
The realisation of the project will be carried out in 5 (five) phases. In each phase, the achievement of planned outputs and outcomes will be monitored.
1. The Preparatory phase - justification and comprehensive list of variables and dimensions of entrepreneurship will be developed.
2. The analysis phase (“know how”) - entrepreneurial examples pursued by successful companies would be examined and assessed with a view of developing and understanding the impacts of each variable and dimension in different circumstances and their relationships (know-how).
3. The synthesis phase ("know why") - the current situation will be modelled. There will be discussions with industry specialists involved in technology and project implementation with a view of assessing the current meaning both in breadth and depth of the subjects.
4. Quality control and monitoring (“know what"): the best students with strongest motivation for high quality achievements will be identified. A methodology based on the application of a structured approach to the use of basic quality tools and recognizing which steps of problem solving can be sequentially linked.
5. Sustainability phase (“know who“) - in each phase potential interactions between emerging policy trends used in various entrepreneurial mechanisms and other tools and concepts that have been applied successfully in real life projects will be analysed. On the other hand, sustainabilility can be also assessed through the established networks, both academic and business, both domestic and international.